Bluetooth tracker vs Bluetooth_LE tracker?

Running current Raspian (jesse) on an RPi3.

I have been successfully using the Bluetooth_tracker. I added the bluetooth_le tracker and started seeing new registrations for devices, but now my original devices no longer report correctly and I get new similar entries for my existing devices added to the known_devices file.

So, are there advantages to switching over to the LE tracker, or should I just stick with the std bluetooth tracker?

Curious about this too!

Did you ever solve this? i think you should make a device group

There are problems with running the BLE tracker on the Pi, so I ditched it, and just use the Bluetooth tracker with my iPhones. It works great and is completely reliable.

Does anyone have the answer to this question ?

bluetooth_le_tracker vs bluetooth_tracker

Anyone with the knowledge ?

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would be very much interested as well