Bluetooth Visualization

It would be great to have Bluetooth Visualization just like the Zigbee one showing all scanned devices and proxies.

As Bluetooth does not have routing nodes you can just list devices connected to each proxy.

While a current minority of bluetooth nodes, bluetooth does I believe have ‘routing’ loosely in bluetooth mesh. That said, I interpret the question in more abstract sense, which while a difficult problem, is one that is worthy of some smart thinking about.

Zigbee and Zwave where the start of this for most home automation setups. Then came wifi mesh. Now we have distributed bluetooth with possibly multiple collecting/transmitting bridges/gateways between bluetooth and “whatever” and bluetooth mesh. Soon we will add thread/matter.

Relatively easily figuring out how to place nodes, routers, gateways, repeaters, etc will be a useful, if not required part of a home automation setup going forward. Part of it will be devices figuring out ‘best path’ and avoiding duplicate traffic. However, some type of human included moving of devices and getting feedback will be part of the equation. Somewhat kin to the configuration that some speaker devices, Sonos and Apple for example, do. Having a visualization or audio feedback will be a key part of this ‘setup’ / ‘balancing’.

Or even Seen by, i.e live map of all detected bluetooth signals not just paired devices. Perhaps with on/off buttons for what type of devices to include Known and unknown