Have you created an ESP bluetooth proxy yet, and were you able to add it to HomeAssistant?

The other question, what kind of device are you trying to detect using the bluetooth proxy?

Edit: sorry, I thought you were trying to add a proxy, I now see that was just a user suggestion. Good suggestion though if the VM on windows is not able to pass bluetooth on.

Wally is on track here.

HOW DID YOU install HA. I cannot answer any further until I know.

It absolutely is a - once the com port is pushed to the VM Windows sees it but cant use it - it’s locked in use. (me=25 yr windows sysadmin)

This is what I try to do but it won’t work. HA has given this option but it seems that BT cannot work in HA. There’s only so much what ypu can do in VirtualBox.

And that’s why we all recommend bluetooth proxies instead. EVEN on a dedicated pi with HAOS - it’s cleaner and easier to setup an esp32 bt proxy.

Then you need to change to another hypervisor.
HA can not work if the hypervisor does not.
If the hypervisor does not port the device then it is like it is not connected at all to HA or any other operating system running in the VM

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Then why HA has provided install media to virualbox if it does not work?

HA works, within the limitations of what virtualbox can provide. Don’t blame HA, and don’t blame the people here trying to help despite your unpleasant tone. We’re just users, just like you.

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Because there’s plenty of users out there who may want to use HA on VB on Windows but don’t need access to the local ports.

Look, I’m a Windows guy - I am 25+ years into Microsoft’s ecosystem as a sysadmin and support engineer, and even spent a portion of that time working there. But I run HA on a Pi. You can make it work just fine - but you need to understand the ideosyncracies of how virtualization works in windows before you do - because no matter what happens, HA can only do what its underlying OS lets it do and in virtualization that’s capped by what the hypervisor allows… And I dont know a single one that default ON allows access to the local ports (its a security thing)

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I have no idea what BT proxies are

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THAT we can help with:

New ESP32 bluetooth proxy - how is it supposed to work? - Configuration - Home Assistant Community (

Bluetooth Proxy — ESPHome

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Surely you must know that documention for configurating and limitations should be provided from provider. It is a basic thing in modern days. There is no limitation information from HA about BT not working in Windows via VirtualBox.

But I have done what should be done in VirtualBox and it still doesn’t work.

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And where would you like me to find the labor to build documentation for literally every circumstance? This situation is covered by a blanket assumption - virtualization is a special bird and you need to know how to open thigs up. Then once you do you need to test them.

I’m not saying git WONT. I’m saying we asked how you are configured so we could help and were met with nothing more than ‘it wont work’ We’re users just like you - not a magicians - and cannot fix what I cannot see or know. and anyone who says otherwise - you don’t want their help.

For us to help it on Windows we need:
an indication of how you’re installed (HAOS in VB on Windows, cool)
What you’re trying to do (Access to the BT module, Ok - this will be problematic, we’ll need to know exactly what BT hardware you have and how it presents as a comport. Note as said before doing so will remove access to it from Windows.)
What you’ve already done (including as precise a description as possible) << we’re here

Once we have that we can keep trying - but I’m also telling you what you’re trying to do is known problematic and you will have a much better time with esp32 proxies.


This seems to be thing that I cannot get work. This needs really specific micro details in everyway to find out that it is just really waste of time. I am so frustrated that these kinds of problems exists these days.

I have purchased sensors from manufacter who has native support for home assistance. There was no imagination that I would put my hands deep in dirt as I found out that I have to put literally everything aside from my life to get this little thing to work. It is a fucking bluetooth. I have no extra energy to tweak these kind of things. I can’t spend years figuring how to get this to work.

And if someone tries to help by giving something else, that really doesn’t help because I have to spend hours to learn something really different.

I have given all the information what needs to be given. I can’t remember every exact detail. I can do it of course but I just don’t have the time and energy for it. And it just don’t help me at all to solve this problem.

So the HA is bad for your health if you are not interested to tweak everything and you have life time to use for it. I have to buy expansive router to get what I want and forget these kind of crappy softwares.

HomeAss in windows is the poorest road one can take. Expect 0 support for pass through of your BT hardware!

Well no, HA is a great piece (actually bundle) of software. But you still have the choice/power to make poor decisions and use a windows with virtualization software to run HaOS for example.

On the other hand it can be as easy as running HaOS bare metal and have all updates from OS to Integration’s all in the HA web ui - easy enough for a 10 year old to update/manage!

Again - the greatest software can be sh!tty if the users decides to use it in that matter!

Don’t forget to leave a 1-star review for Microsoft as they are the ones to blame (and yourself obviously for using their crappy OS) :wink:

You meant that HA have a choice to make poor decision? They have put it out. I nearly have chosen the best option for myself. It was a really dissapointing though but I did not made this hard. HA did.

It is clear now that you need to be a Linux tweaker to get this work. Or spend a lot of money for whatever the solution is. I really thought to get this work without spending extra money but I guess not. It is not my fault that I expected this to work even minor tweaking.

Yes, that’s open source. Everyone it’s own freedom!

Not really. The only stones on your road is Microsoft. If you would have chosen any other virtualization the pass through should work without any problems (AFAIK).

Again, the only paid product (windows) in your software stack is to blame for your failure. If you would not have spend money in the first place for that MS OS
you would likely never needed to post in this forum telling us that Microsoft isn’t capable of a simple VM hardware pass through in 2023!

Umm… so I have used Windows over 20 years and now have to listen “if you…”? So you say that I have chosen wrong? I should never use windows? How would I have known that this problem comes to me? I have reasons to use windows. I already had everything. I have not spend money to windows to get HA installed to windows. You really must hate windows and windows users.

HA did not make it hard.
Microsoft did or you for choosing Microsoft Windows.
HA is meant to run on hardware a hypervisor, like VirtualBox is just presenting a fake hardware setup to HA, but HA have no. Lue about it. It thinks it is real.
The VirtualBox you have chosen is just not able to provide a Bluetooth fake hardware, which for HA looks like there is no Bluetooth hardware at all.
If it was running directly on the hardware, then it would be as if you had not plugged the USB Bluetooth stick in.

And believe me when I say that many here is annoyed about VirtualBox too, because many have used that and found the same flaw as you have. But it is a Microsoft issue and not a HA issue.

It like having a house and then buying a bathtub for it only to realize the house has no drainage. It is not something you can fix on the tub. You need to fix the house.

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I remember people using hyperV on windows having the exact same problem.

You don’t need to do anything.

I was just highlighting that the entity to blame for your troubles/failures is not related to Home Assistant like you falsely wrote in your posts but simply a limitation of the Microsoft OS you are using.

Anyways the “fix” is easy but a esp32 will cost you around $5 which will be sufficient to work as a ble proxy.