Bluetoothd process SSD utilization


Intel NUC + debian 11
HA 2024.5.1 is installed in the container

I recently configured the built-in NUC bluetooth adapter via Bluetooth integration and connected the Xiaomi temperature and humidity sensor via Xiaomi BLE integration.

I noticed that when the bluetooth device is turned on and the integration is working, Zabbix shows the nvme disk utilization of about 4%, when I turn off the integration - less than 1%. Automatic device detection is off, and polling for updates is off too.

iotop showed that disk utilization is caused by the bluetooth process, about 20kb/s stable.

Has anyone encountered this? How can this be fixed? For SSD drives, this is not good.

Maybe a too much logging and/or a low recorder commit_interval? Bluetooth advertisements can be quite frequent. Did you set an option to autodetect BLE devices? That can rack up entities quite fast.

Thanks for the recommendations)

/configuration directory is located on another disk, logging cannot utilization SSD, if I understood correctly where the logs are located.

The log information are stored in the configuration directory as home-assistant.log

BLE device detection is disabled, the screenshot is below.

Снимок экрана 2024-05-12 013755

The bluetooth setting you show was not the track_new_devices setting I was thinking about, I meant the one for ble devices. That is another one: