Blulogica My Pool Integration

We have a pool and management is currently done within the “My Pool” App by Blulogica ( ‎My Pool by Blulogica im App Store )

Any idea if there is some integration somewhere or how to integrate this into HomeAssistant?

My first searches were quite… unsatisfying. Not saying “nothing at all so far”.


You need to specify the equipment you are using to manage the pool. That is the device that will either have an integration or have api for external control by device with integration

Thanks for the reply… this is really a good question. I just got access to the app. Of course there is some hardware installed by the pool which connects to the Service - I guess it has something to do with that Blulogica - since everything is in/from Italia. OK will try to get some more information on the hardware…

OK now finally got some photos… the equipment which controls the pool (and is connected to the Blulogica App) is named “Ecolink” - “Glong Italy” - “Blulogica” (made in italy).

It consists of 3 modules (all build in & set up by the pool builder & seller):

  • One is the main controller unit (with the printings things on it above)
  • Second one is the “EcoLink Cloud” which probably creates the connection to the Cloud & App
  • A third one is “EcoLink Pro” which is for controlling pH & Rx values & valves.

Really don’t know it it helps - my “search” here and in the net didn’t bring up anything useable.

Anyone anything? :slight_smile: