Blurred camera image

Not sure if this is a configuration issue, but my camera snapshot both in Chrome browser on MAC and the IOS companion app (see below) are blurred; not all the time every time, but frequent enough to be bothersome.


- platform: onvif
    port: 80
    username: !secret camera_user
    password: !secret camera_pw
    name: Voor

and in lovelace:

aspect_ratio: 50%
entity: camera.voor
type: picture-entity

No camera related errors in the logs…

Any help is appreciated.

Is the camera a reolink by any chance?

I had this issue with a reolink-520, although I’m capturing my camera feeds with zoneminder and then taking them into home assistant from there.
I solved the issue by taking the rtmp feed through ffmpeg instead which for me was;

Although I’m not sure about configuration straight into HA as I’m pretty new to that.


Camera is a Dahua PTZ camera. Both platforms ONVIF and FFMPEG show exactly the same blurring…

Same camera in MotionEye is cristal clear…

Try switching to using the RTSP stream instead of going over port 80, so switch the platform to generic and then enter the “stream_source:” as the rtsp stream, I can’t say exactly what the source would be without knowing your camera but the dahua wiki has this example;

rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=1

Bit more info here:

and here;