BME280 not recognised after restoring snapshot

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Hey there,

I am using a bme280 sensor. It is working perfectly under my original installation using the following setup in configuration.yaml:

  - platform: bme280
    name: Temperature1
    i2c_address: "0x76"
    operation_mode: 3
    time_standby: 5
      - temperature
      - humidity
      - pressure

I have created a full snapshot and loaded it on a second SD-card by using the wipe&restore option. Both instances were running the same most recent version of hassio even before restoring on the second card.

With the new card inserted into my RPi4, the bme280 is nowhere to be found. Switching back to the old SD-card containing the exact same setup it shows up again. Everything else has been restored successfully. The bme280 is the only device connected to my RPi4’s pins, though. Just in case it matters: I deleted my database file on the restored installation.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you!

You need to go through the i2c setup procedure after inserting the new card:

I completely forgot that I had to do that once. Thank you so much! I will report back once everything is working again. It didn’t strike me that these steps would might not be included in the snapshot.

I suspect it is a change to HassOS, which is not part of the snapshot.

Unfortunately this has not been the solution. There is no output regarding i2c or the bme280 in the logs afaict and the sensor does not show up. Would you happen to have another idea? I tried changing the i2c_address already but that didn’t help either.

Sorry, that was my only idea regarding this issue.