BMW Connected Drive for i3 Troubleshooting (ID6)

New user for Home Assistant and following the discussion on the bmw_connected module for Home Assistant:

I believe I have everything set up correctly, but cannot get most of the integrations for the i3 to work (showing Unknown/Unavailable), albeit other vehicles on the Connected Drive service work properly.

Vehicles connected with BMW connected subscription

18 i3s (NBT EVO/ID6)
18 X2 ( EntryNav)
18 M3 (NBT EVO/ID6)
17 530 (NBT EVO/ID6)

The i3 is communicating with Home Assistant and displaying only a few of the features, while other features are not communicating at all. Oddly enough, I seem to get the most activity with the X2, which has Entry NAV.

Running on fresh HA install. Installation was adding the below lines to configuration.yaml (with actual login/pass). Did I skip an additional step needed somewhere or is the script more directed to ID5 iDrive systems?

Other vehicles