BMW Integration - How to pass VIN to BMW Server

Hello Forum Members,

i struggle with the BMW integration in terms of passing the VIN ( Vehicle identification number) to the BMW server. This is needed to call for the services and track the vehicle.

Does anyone know how to add the VIN to configurations.yaml?

Thank you

mine looks like this in a script

  alias: 'BMW X1: Lichthupe'
  - data:
      vin: WBAxxxxxxxxxxx
    service: bmw_connected_drive.light_flash

Okay, thanks for that hint!
I created scripts for the supported services in the HA script configurator and when i check those on the script.yaml file they look alike what you posted.

lights and horn is working now!

The climatization is not working… when i trigger this from the android app there are options for the timing and my feeling is that thoses parameters have also to be forwarded to the car… do you now the data variables that are connected with that?

Thanks again

For the climate it is exactly the same. I pass only the vin nothing else