BOINC support possible on

I was wondering if I could add BOINC in the “add-on” store?

BOINC is a program that help to calculate stuff for scientist or other purposes around the world:

I have been googling and it seems that the most common installation is Raspbian and then BOINC in SSH using the GUI to control which project to support:

I was hoping that I could use my Raspbery pi 4 (4GB), since it is running and are on all the time. So it would save me some money just to have one SBC running everything.

Thanks for your time.

Install the portainer addon.

Then add the docker version of boinc.

Job done.

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Wauw that was surprisingly fast thanks for the quick response. I look into it tomorrow. Thanks again.

Sorry I have very limited (none) experience with docker. But I got potainer installed on and got it running.

so I got the image install using this guide

so the code I could add is something lige this:

version: '2'

    image: boinc/client:arm32v7
    container_name: boinc
    restart: always
    network_mode: host
    pid: host
      - /opt/appdata/boinc:/var/lib/boinc
      - BOINC_CMD_LINE_OPTIONS=--allow_remote_gui_rpc```

But how do I access the Boinc manager without a gui? my first though was to install boinc manager on a windows computer or something external but I cant seem to find such a program so I think I am missing something in the installation. And he is using an Intel build in his guide so sadly I cant use it more after in container instalation.


I found this solution for running boinic on openmediavault. I guess the solution can be the same in if you use docker and ssh. So if other people is also interested then it might help. Sadly I have i tested it myself because of health issues.

is it really easier install portainer and run a docker with boinc? and which is safier? what are the minimum security properties i should set in portainer for this (or any docker in hassio).

i have not many experience but i see portainer needs to disable “Protection mode” doesnt not require more more privileges than a addon ?