Bold smart lock configure and add Bold Connect (SO NOT LOCKS)

Hi i can’t get my Bold Connect (wifi bridge between smart lock and internet) visible in HA my 3 locks are visible and also easy configured the reason i need it because my connect triggers the door buzzer via de Bold app its work perfectly. Maybe a way to add the entities that i don’t know?

did you find any bold integration for use in HA?
there is no ‘native’ integration, just a custom component GitHub - lwestenberg/homeassistant_bold: Home Assistant integration for Bold Smart Lock

Yes this one i have and y can control my locks in HA but can add my “bridge”/connect to HA

The integration only shows lock entities as far as i can read the code.
then what kind of entities you expect from the bridge?

Open or close the relay (inside its a dry contact) witch control my door buzzer 12v+ > bridge port 1 > relay > 12v+ port2 > buzzer