Bold text in else if

Hey hey guys

I have the following problem

I output various texts in my elseif. I would like to format the text “Heute” bold, the other output can remain normal.

value_template: ‘{% if value.daysTo == 0 %} Heute{% elif value.daysTo == 1 %} Morgen{% else %} {{value.daysTo}} Tage{% endif %}’

Could someone help me? Would be very grateful!

Where do you “output”, is it some card? If yes - show where do you want to have this “formatting”.

Thanks for your answer!
My output is on a manuel card on my dashboard


If this is some custom card - you better specify a type of this card & probably ask other users who use this card.

Not sure, what you mean
The type of the card is a picture-elements card - isnt this a usual cardtype?

Yes, this is a standard card but you said it was some “manuel card”.
Well, if this is a picture-elements card - go to the huge card-mod thread & ask there.
The task is: if a state of some entity == SOME_STATE → then use a bold font.