Bolt energy: fetch new variable tariffs when updated

I created a python script that an automation can call as a service, this will check online if Bolt updated there tariffs. They formatted there tariff pdf name, it increases a number in the naming when there is a new value.
the script will increase that number until it gets a 404 error, then the previous pdf will be downloaded and parsed to text.

I run this every morning in the background, and my secondary info on the lovelace card gives me when i last changed the value

is choosing the kind of meter you have, i have an only day.

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Thanks for your script. Looking at the Bolt price list at the URL you mention, I can see multiple prices for electricity. How can I select the one for a specific area (Namur in my case) ?

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the tarifs for the french part for bolt are here:

if you change the url also check the text were to search for in the pdf.

if utility == "el":
        head, sep, tail = text.partition('maandAbonnementskostincl. BTW c€')
elif utility == "ng":
        head, sep, tail = text.partition('incl. BTWEnergiekostEnkelvoudigc €') 

“el” part is the text to search for in the pdf of electricity, “ng” part is the text to search for in the gas pdf
you should change this to for example “Excl. nuit c€”.

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