Bond integration - ceiling fan (3 speeds + light)

HA Newbie here… so far, so good. Slowly integrating my devices. I just connected my Bond for controlling my ceiling fans. I can turn them off and on, as well as the lights, but no fan speeds are available. How can I do basic adjustments? Lo, med, hi?

I tried using the basic default controls (clicking on the icon, and adjusting the slider) but it isn’t changing the fan speeds.

If there’s a way to have a panel with {1 2 3} for speeds, instead of a slider (one that works) that would be great.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m having the same issue. I don’t know what the answer is but I migrated 300 devices over the last 3 weeks and the two fans on bond are the only fans I’m having issue with.

So, I clicked on the little fan icon, in the dashboard “widget”, and a panel opened with a slider for fan speed. This seems to work, but you have to click on the speed you want a few times to get the fan to adjust.

I’m working toward Stream Deck integration, and am trying to control the speed with the deck.
I got the light to toggle off and on with the Deck, but I don’t know how to control speed yet.

Any ideas?

Ref. video: Control Your House with a Stream Deck // Home Assistant API - YouTube

I noticed this same thing a few weeks ago.

One of these fans is a hunter and this forum said the best thing to do with it is to put it into homekit and slingshot it to HA. Definitely not my first choice but if it works and appears like a normal fan in dashboards then fine.

The other ceiling fan is in my garage so it’s not a huge deal but I know its something specific with HA because I didn’t have this bond issue in ST or hubitat. I’ve been using bond for 4-5 years.