Bond or Broadlink RM for Ceiling Fan Control

I have a dumb fan that I made smart with the Hampton Bay Zigbee and RF receiver. When it worked, the device was great. Paired with SmartThings it did everything I needed. I replaced the single wall switch with an RF controller of the same brand. Just hardwired behind it to always on to the receiver.
No longer on ST, and the Zigbee ability of the device is spotty. It unpaired and I couldn’t get it back into pairing mode.
Long way to say, I have an RF receiver in the fan that I want to get into HA. Caveat being I’d still like to be able to use the RF remote and in-wall RF controller as well and have the bridge device listen for those commands and update the state of the light or fan in HA accordingly. Is that possible with Bond, Broadlink RM3/4 Mini/Pro, or both?

Wow I was expecting more answer because I have the same issue but nothing hu?

Unfortunately not. I ended up giving up and going with an Inovelli option that replaced both the switch piece and receiver that connects to the fan. One of these days I’ll get to wiring those in and seeing if that works…

I went the same route, rewiring my rooms, I got already 3 Zen30