BOND rf controller for ceiling fans and fireplaces

Has anyone used this little gadget before? Will it integrate with HA?

Yes - its nice bc it will create a device and entities in HA for the device you want to control. Kind of expensive but nice device

So if you setup an RF controlled fireplace or ceiling fan, how does that appear as an entity? As a switch?

Don’t know about the fireplace but I have a 3 speed fan showing as a 3 speed fan with a separate OFF control.

I’m trying to add the Bond integration. When I specify the IP address and the access token, I’m getting a popup window saying “aborted”. I tried using an intentionally incorrect access token, and that gave me an authorization error as expected.

There is nothing in the logs that seems related to this. Any suggestions on getting the integration up?

ETA: A few reboots later, and it’s now being recognized. Pretty neat device, though pricey.