Bookstack webpage card

Hi all,

I have some problems using Bookstack add-on (version 0.12.0). I’m trying to set it up to have an access using webpage lovelace component, but when I add ALLOWED_IFRAME_HOSTS to the configuration (as described in documentation, while I’m trying to log in a always got 419 error, no matter if I’m using full url or iframe. Does anybody have this problem? Is there any solution for that?

Thanks in advance!

Would love to know if you found an answer to this. I’m having the same issue.

Also interested. I can use the iframe card to load other HA hosted add-ons, but getting a “refused to connect” error when I try the Bookstack URL/s.

I was finally able to get this working by adding the following into my envars via the config UI for the addon. When running a tablet in kiosk mode with a side bar, the experience is night and day rendering my wiki in a iframe panel on the same dashboard vs a new tab.

I’m running supervised, and on bookstack v1.0.2

  value: http://[hassIP]:8123

Added same as Fiercefish1 and after a while I got 419 when trying to login to the web interface.
I then reinstalled the addon and was able to log in with my credentials.

I then added these options again and now my login does not allow me to log in. (When pressing the login button in just clear all the fields and I’m at the login window still.

Did then reset the top section of configuration and able to log in again…