Boot Error from SSD on Raspberry PI 4

Hello everyone.
I am quite desperate…

After more than one year of using Home Assistant OS on my Raspberry Pi 4 on a SSD disk connected via USB3, yesterday I had a big issue.
All of a sudden the system became not reachable both via browser and ssh.
(I discovered the issue because at sunset no automation has been triggered)
I tried to restart the Raspberry and it enters in a sort of loop where it tries to boot from the SSD (so it successfully starts the boot procedure from USB) but then immediately reboots (I just get a black screen for a fraction of a second and then it reboots). The Raspberry keeps doing like that in a loop.
If I disconnect the USB SSD and boot from SD (with Raspian) the system works.

Any suggestion on how to recover/repair my Home Assistant OS?

I tried to connect the SSD to UBUNTU and it seems everything ok (so the disk appears to not be broken), the disk utility says the disk is ok.

I would really need help here since I do not have even a backup of my system :(.

Many thanks.

I have had an issue since 0S 8.0 was released. On a reboot I need to disconnect my SSD (on a hub). Power off the pi, reboot the pi without connecting the SSD, power off, connect the SSD and power on.

I have an open GitHub issue on this and I have seen other issues in the RPI forums.

Many thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately I already tried this and it did not solved the issue.

Hopefully you are a current backup. If you do just reinstall ha to the SSD and restore your backup. Not worth the time trying to get it working.

I do not have a regular back up but it seems that from Ubuntu I can see all files in the ssd.
Which files/folders I need to copy to restore a full backup ?

Is it possibile to backup/restore in this way?

I wish I could be of better help, but I am not sure how to do a manual restore. You may want to ask in discord and maybe (if you are lucky someone can walk you through this). Once backup, make sure you have some type of automatic backup. I use the google drive backup and it works great.

Do you have a link the Github issue?

I was unable to find it.