Boot from PXE

I would really like to get rid of using a SD card because i had to many corruption problems so i want to boot using PXE from my Synology NAS. I already have DHCP, setup and TFTP. My biggest problem is i don’t know how to make the rPi 3 img into a PXE boot.


Your post was long time ago, but I’m running on network booted Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (it is not able to really PXE boot!). At the beginning I used images of the original SD Card over network but it was to much effort with the updates of Hassos everytime, so I use a Debian as host system now and installed with the official Installer Script. It works like a charm! Even I have the feeling that the performance is better over network than with a one of the best and fastest SD Cards…

If you are still interested and need help or further information don’t hesistate to ask me!

@tyborall Hi there, thx for replying so the way you installed it how do you then update ? Can you do it from the interface or ?

Hi there,
i came from the same direction as @donnib. What @tyborall said sounded like a nice solution. Later I found this tutorial to install hassio incl. the supervisor on a debian system (supervisor, because i didn’t want to miss out on add-ons) Installing Home Assistant Supervised on a Raspberry Pi with Debian 11
the first hurdle was that dockers overlay2 file system is not compatible with NFS, so I created a iSCSI target on the synology and mounted it to dockers overlay folder. That worked. flawlessly. But now when the supervisor docker image starts it seems to reset the network, thus killing its own (iSCSI) and its host (NFS) root file system :confused:

I’m not sure if this network reset is necessary or even intended, but as far as i can see the supervisor is a docker contained running with priviledged rights, and it looks liek it comes with its own init system as the entrypoint. I’m not deep into this but i wouldn’t be suprised if that has all kind of funky effects including a reset of the networking system…

@donnib did you find a nice solution in the meanwhile?
@tyborall do you have a supervisor running in the setup you described above?

edit: from here i see 3 options:

  • give up on the supervisor and addon support
  • try to build a supervisor image from a debian based base image (just because i would feel more “at home” there andcould potentially debug the issue)
  • try to make the official raspi sd image bootable over network (though @tyborall mentioned some update issues…?)