Boot loop after upgrade to 2024.2.5

After upgrading to 2024.2.5 I am stuck in a boot loop. I have about 3-5 minutes before it begins cycling. I am using a dedicated thin client running HASS OS with a large ssd.

I was somehow able to downgrade to a partial backup of 2024.2.3 using the UI, however the issue persists. I am trying to get to another partial backup of 2024.2.1 using terminal command ha backups restore (slug) --homeassistant and it does start, but the system reboots before it can complete.

I can access Samba and get the files that way and I have copied out all the folders.
Would manually moving them over to a fresh install be the equivalent of a full restore? Unfortunately my last full backup is pretty dated… any suggestions to salvage this?


I just had a similar event myself caused by HACS integration (WyzeSense) using the older Python version. It wouldn’t even load HA’s UI. What I was able to do was intentionally break the configuration.yaml file (add a formatting/spacing error) higher up in the startup process which caused HA to boot into safe mode. Then, I was able to fix the configuration file, reload HA within the UI, and remove the integration before it crashed. I have no idea if this will help you, but it was the first time I thought to attack the startup process in this way.

Appreciate the reply, I have encountered issues like you mentioned minus the boot loop symptom, but luckily I was able to restore each time from the UI.

Went through all the installed add ins and integrations as well as the log file and can’t pinpoint a smoking gun.

If I were to start with a new install, would copying the current samba files back over be comparable to a full restore?