Boot up error

Hi there , I’m so green to this but I’m trying to learn via every resource I could find on the web.

I’ve been going backwards and forwards with my install on my raspberry pi3+

I installed via the download and every time it sticks at the same point, so I followed instructions to add WiFi code to memory stick and it still does the same thing. I plugged it in via cable and same point again.

I then went back and installed via script not realising there is no way of using the add-ons so as far as I can see the HA is pointless as I can’t find anything user friendly in there? And don’t know what I’m looking at.

If anybody can point me in the right direction it would be great as I’m desperate to get my smart devices out of the cloud and speed up the timing for switching on lights etc.


It will help if you mention where and on what point it stops.
What message do you receive?
Nobody can help you now.
Are you sure you did programm the stick the right way?
Because the startup stick must be named itself: CONFIG
Then you need to create a directory: network
in that directory a file named : system-connections
with your wifi connection in it

Thanks for the post Canedje.
Sorry yes I missed it’s sticking at point Dev 3.2.7 or at least I think that’s what it was but hopefully you will know where I mean? But I’ve deleted and installed home assist from script which won’t allow me the add on panel so it’s a lot more advanced than my level of HASS
All the posts on this refer to the network connection. And yes fat32 stick set up CONFIG sub folder network document my-network ( and tried to rename it what you had put as well) but no joy