Boring Weekend Ahead: your top 3 custom integrations or self-hosted

Hi Everyone,

Weekend is coming and nothing to do here.

I am wondering what are the Top 3 custom integrations, add-on or self-hosted solutions you have ?

From my side:

  • Immich
  • Teslamate
  • Plex

Have a great day.


also run Immich and pihole

  • HACS
  • ZigBee2mqtt
  • openhasp

I could go on. I recently set up a new HA instance, and should have recorded what was a priority.

Harder thing is remembering what great stuff I had in my old setup, and what I have forgotten.

/note to self/ record your setup.

/note to the world/ see above

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This, so much this. Last weekend I had to change the OS on the Pi, since 2025 was no longer compatible. I had a backup of HA, but all the OS setup details had been built over the last few years and I had to recreate them through trial and error, what a pain. This time I recorded everything, the question is, will I actually keep it up to date like I tell myself I will, or will I be in the same situation a few years from now.

Presence Simulation

This is a tough one because HACS is a thing upon itself, but I’ll try. The TOP THREE is tough, I have so many that are really important.

  • Spook (HACS)
  • PowerCalc (HACS - this one is critical to my setup for many reasons)
  • Watchman (HACS)

Honorable mention because my system would be crap without these:

  • Browser Mod (HACS)
  • Card Mod (HACS)
  • Multiple Entity Rows (HACS)
  • Auto Entities (HACS)
  • Samba Backup (Add-On)