Bosch gas condensing compact heating center - how to control the flat heating?

Hello all,
I am trying to solve heating issue in my flat…

I have 5 heating modules; and running Junkers Condens. Currently there is only EasyControl CT 200 controlling solution which has multiple issues:
The most critical is that temp is captured directly on the remote controlled valves. Temp around these valves is different as the one in the middle of the room, the sun can directly shine on the valve, or the air circulating between window frame can make it colder etc.

The mentioned solution doesnt support external temp. sensors to link it, and to use to capture rooms temp.

I was told that solution is using some “modulation” ie its connected directly to the Heater bus, and its more optimal as Turning it On/Off.

Any idea how can one achieve/setup modern / working heating solution?

Thank you!

Junkers Bosch Condens 5300i WM, GC5300iWM 24/100S 23, Erdgas E/H

Junkers Bosch Regler EasyControl CT 200

Hi @phier , I hope it’s not too late for this answer, but you may be looking for this: Wifi bridge for boilers with Tasmota FW ABCt v2.2 – Coiaca

Best regards.

@federico hello,
sorry for a late reply. it looks like a nice device!

i am still struggling - if i can use that module for a multi room heating, ie
i will read temp from each room separately, and in case temp only for a specific room decreases / needs to be increased - that module turn on heater and valve in that specific room will open, so other rooms will be w/out any change.