Bosch Radiator thermostat II - Does anyone use these without hub - Annoying build in schedule- Suggestions?

I try to use the Bosch Radiator thermostat II (BTH-RA) (Bosch BTH-RA control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT) without hub.

It is integrated via zigbee2mqtt, what works good so far (pairing with installation code).

I have created a rather complex control in node-red but face some problems:

1. delete/workaround schedule?

The trv has a pre-configured schedule that sets temperature targets at given times, mon-fri and sat-sun differ. Because the device needs to be factory reset to pair with z2m I am unable to delete this.

Has anyone managed to delete/overcome/workaround this?

2. right idea to block (only!) after manual change at the device

I am aware that i can just switch back to the right values with a simple time triggered automation.

Downside is that this interferes with another limitation of the devices. I/my family wants to be able to also control the thermostats manually directly at the device. I can only see this by reading the changed target temperature. After a manual change i want the scheduled temp to be blocked for 90 minutes to prevent immediate overwrite. There are some other scenarios (window sensor, away mode) when the temps are dynamically changed too.

I do not see any way to distinguish the manual changes and the previously mentioned schedule in the first place, cause they come from the device.

If I use a set of rules to prevent the 90 min block for manual change from kicking in after these changes (pre-configured, window, away), the timing is quite tricky and the whole thing seems prone to errors so far. It is complicated too.

Any idea for the right approach would be much appreciated.


have you made any progress on this? I’m a fresh owner of the same device now and quite like it so far, but also wondered how to get rid of / change the integrated schedule…

Would it help to use the device in manual mode?

Would like to know also about this if any of you guys had any progress/solutions on this wondering if i should pull the trigger on 6 of these @dierochade

If I understand correctly, the pre-programmed schedule spits in your soup. I also stumbled across this with a Hama TRV, there are also various modes in it. I solved it by creating Shedduler Helper + Automations. I have also learned from my experience with the AVM TRVs that all these systems are “isolated solutions” and only work reliably for very limited functions. As soon as the automations become more complicated (with AVM, windows on routine were enough) the part messes up. I am also familiar with “professional” systems such as those from DEOS, where such special solutions are possible. :grimacing:

I now had the following:
On Saturday and Sunday at 11 a.m. sharp, the TRV automatically lifts the valve and then stops at 16 degrees.
I have now changed the time control so that another time block is started at 11:15 a.m.
It’s stupid, but as already written, these toys are not comparable to professional devices.
What I also notice is that the control behavior is not optimal, which leads to temperature fluctuations in the room of up to +/- 2 degrees.
Set to 20 degrees → heats up to around 22, then cools down to around 18 and then heats up again at full throttle to 22 degrees etc

I returned mine and ordered a bunch of Popp (= Danfoss Ally) TRVs - they’re not looking as modern and pretty as the Bosch, but still have a good FAF and offer great software features for control without a proprietary hub.

The built in controller seems to be really elaborate and the TRV exposes, for example, the source of the current setpoint (manual/schedule/external), so you can create an automation to handle the situation where your family changes the setpoint on the TRV directly.

I run these trvs on z2m now, which works as expected.

For any one interested, I made a rather big flow in node red (based on z2m) with this key capabilities:

  • workaround to overwrite built in target temps schedule of the device
  • run different schedules for workday and holiday (ha integration) with a 15 min schedule (manual timetables with array of targettemps though)
  • ability to change temperatures (triggered by external event(presence etc)/manual switch) specified trv and time(range), e.g. heat now for x hours, -heat guest room today, heat living room this evening etc
  • block schedule for single trv after manual change for a given period of time (e.g. 90 min) to prevent imminent overwrite.
  • boost functionality up to 30 mins (6*5 min)
  • away mode
  • window sensor
  • external temp sensor
  • display brightness auto dim at night
  • lovelace interface (only for basic try control, cause i still think how to best use the ability to change temperatures)

I would be interested in collaboration and further joint development, although it is still work in progress and documentation limited…

I have now installed my AVM again.
I also ordered a Popp for testing, Bosch goes on eBay.
It’s a shame Bosch, but the smoke detectors also seem to be rubbish.

I just bought this valve. Is there a preset schedule? I haven’t noticed yet, what is it set to? Mine shows a hand icon, even when I change the value from HA. I assume that means manual, and it won’t do any weird automatic things?

Just fyi, I have had this valve in production for 24h now but no sign of a build in schedule so far. And everything just works with ZHA. But let’s wait for Saturday 11 a.m….

I’m quite happy with it, it also keeps the temp relatively stable.

If you run it in manual mode (hand icon) or “heat” as home assistant hvac mode calls it, there will be no schedule.

If you run it in normal mode (clock icon) or “auto” as home assistant calls it, there will be: The schedule sets to 17 or 21 respectively, 8-20 weekend and 6-8 and 16-20 workday (if i remember it right). Main problem is, that it calls the preset temp also every time when switched to auto.

For me, I want it to run in auto mode normally, so every person in our house can switch to manual with the physical control when they want. It resets in the night then. Furthermore in my setting, you can just adjust the target temp, it will stay in auto mode and hold it for 90 mins (30 in bathroom) and then revert to the automation. You can also see when its in away mode, cause it will display a pause icon then (hvac mode “off”).

If in manual mode, I do not know if you can use the other advanced features (as boost, window sensor, remote temp etc), but you can completely do this in ha instead.

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Thanx for clearing this up, highly appreciated.

For me full HA automations is enough. The other things are nice but since the valve can’t (in my setup) ask the heating system for heat it’s more like a “limiter” anyway.

Open window detection is nice, but indeed probably you can tell HA to lower the target temp upon a very steep drop in temp. Or get a window sensor.

This morning the spouse complained about waking up in a room that was too hot so I’ll just set it to 15 probably and forget about it. The valve looks good though so I guess that’s nice.

Btw with ZHA I have 2 options, heating and off, when setting off it says something like “failed to write attribute mode”. On the valve itself I can choose the clock mode indeed (click main button 2 times, choose different mode). It then jumps to 17 indeed (at least now it does).

The thermostat isn’t fully integrated in ZHA so far. This is the reason why the off mode isn’t working right now. I am switching to Z2M at the moment because of this. Someone is working on a full integration for ZHA, you can check the state here: Full implementation of BOSCH Radiator Thermostat II (BTH-RA)

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