Bosch Roomthermostat II heating logic

Hi there,

I have a Bosch Roomthermostat II (Bosch BTH-RM) which I have added to Home Assistant using Zigbee2Mqtt, and I have encountered some weird behavior when it comes to the heating state (“heating” or “idle”) of the thermostat.


I don’t understand why the thermostat changed its state to idle between 19:15 and 19:18 and between 19:24 and 19:28. I also don’t understand why it switched to heating mode between 20:19 and 20:23 when the target temperature was already above the set temperature.

I am also wondering why it toggled its state so often when the target and set temperatures have barely changed.

How do other thermostats determine when it’s time to heat, and do they exhibit similar issues? If so, how have you solved them?