Bosch Security Integration - Intrusion Integration Protocol (Mode2) B8512G

Has anyone here looked at or tried to work with the Bosch SDK for the Intrusion Integration Protocol (Mode2) functionality of their newer panels?

It looks like this would be a solid interface into the panel to get sensor status and remote control all via Home Assistant. Currently, I’m getting sensor status via mysensors on an arduino and octo relays. But direct IP seems more viable. I’d dig into this myself but unfortunately, my only programming experience is with python, php and a little C++.

I’m more than willing to assist on this project including even providing remote access to a panel to test on.


Hey Tim,

I know this is older, I did look at the newest SDK (12) but I don’t program. I do have some help from a programmer; however, so I will update this very old thread once I know more.


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That’s awesome. I have full access from a configuration standpoint to my Bosch B8512G panel if you need any testing. Main goals from my side were to use IPP to arm, disarm and reset alarms / sensors if possible.

I’m starting down this road now as all of my home automation projects are folding onto each other with dependencies. I just upgraded my alarm system to a B8512G and should be online in a few days (I’m waiting for my RPS dongle to arrive in the mail). I’ve looked at the Intrusion Integration SDK (can do what I need it to do but is based on Windows from what I’ve seen so far) - I’ve looked at the RPS REST API (nice for basic info but since it’s read-only I cannot arm and disarm), and I saw on one of the bazillion Bosch pages that there’s this “Mode 2” protocol that has a developed feature set that can do what I want - but I can’t find any information on the protocol - is it based on an IP connection to the panel? Does it require me to run windows or is it based on libraries that are in the firmware for the panel? I can’t commit to developing for it if I don’t know what I don’t know :slight_smile:

I’m a programmer with experience in the alarm industry - last year I rolled out software for a Central Station that interacts directly with a Bosch receiver.

That’s excellent to hear. I stand by willing to help with this project however I can. Worse case I could see this needing a docker container to support the integration. I’m traveling but should be able to dig back into the documentation in a day or so.

The general theme I keep seeing in the Bosch documents is: Mode 2 requests can be sent to [email protected] which seems to imply Bosch needs to provide something special for mode 2 development work.

I contacted them and they sent over the documentation. It’s far more complicated than it needs to be, but does not require extra software or hardware. You do need Mode 2 enabled on your panel, and when my dongle arrived (yesterday) I was able to find the setting in RPS - I don’t think it’s something that you can do from the keypad with the installer code. To your point, a docker installation or something similar (VirtualBox, VMWare, etc.) should be able to accommodate the interface - I don’t know that I can do full-blown socket programming in YAML, inside of HA. We’re going to find out soon, though :slight_smile:

Initial testing was successful. It uses the RPS port, not the mode 1 port. Sending the “what are you?” - command does return a group of bytes that I can decode into panel type, current time, and version information.

We have a ways to go but the process and protocol is correct on my end so I can start developing!

I have a B8512G in my house as well, so I’m heartened by the revival of this thread and the early progress you’re making, @mbjustice :slight_smile:
Where were you able to get the documentation for the Mode 2 API? Is it from the email @rsaturns mentioned?

I don’t know that I can do full-blown socket programming in YAML, inside of HA

The internals of Home Assistant, including what all the integrations are written in, are all Python, so it should be reasonably straight forward to do socket programming. Another way to approach this might be to develop it as a standalone alarm-to-mqtt gateway, which can be written in an arbitrary language, and then package it as a HA addon.

I’m moving along - I’m able to connect, authenticate, send a couple of commands, and terminate. I can read points that are configured/not configured. It’s a big deal for me since I have a B208 and keypads that have connectors for points, so my numbers are aren’t all in order(e.g. my 8 points aren’t 1-8). Based on what I’ve seen so far I should be able to refactor this to work with Python or anything else when I am done. Next up is getting configured areas, and arm/disarm.

Bosch sent it to me directly. Yes, the address he supplied (which is also listed on the Bosch site) is correct.

Also, if you’re using the automation user (rather than impersonating a user programmed into the panel), you need to use the Remote App password rather than the automation password for Mode 2.

I’m only now digging into HA, when I wrote the post I wasn’t as familiar with the structure of HA as I am now. Based on how I am building this initial build of the integration (it’s a module of a system I am building for total control of all the IoT devices in my home), alarm to MQTT is one option I’m looking at. I don’t know that there’s enough of a market (even at no cost) to warrant re-writing it as a Python integration with HA. But who knows. Keep the comments coming.

I’m able to arm/disarm, so the first phase is viable. I’ve seen requests for clearing bells and resetting sensors, so I will look at that as part of the second phase.

Cool! Would you mind sharing some instructions for exactly how to enable the RPS and Mode 2 and setup the automation user credentials in the RPS software?
Unfortunately, I don’t have a dongle – seems like they cost several hundred dollars? – so I’m trying to get the person who installed the alarm for me to do it, but he doesn’t seem to know what I’m talking about.

Actually, this is rather confusing, because Googling the dongle info now, it seems to indicate that it’s required “except for B Series control panels” – yet the last time I tried to install the RPS software, it seemed to require it. Apparently B8512G is a G-series panel.

I started work on a Python library to interact with my B8512G.
So far it can connect to the panel, authenticate, and list area/points, subscribing to status updates.
Next step will be to wrap this in a HA integration.

An now I have a working HA integration:

Right it only exposes binary_sensors for the alarm Points, which is the use case I most immediately care about, but adding support for additional functionality like arming/disarming should be relatively straight forward. PRs welcome :slight_smile:

Update: Finally got around to adding support for arming/disarming. Feel free to give it a try!

Fairly new to HA, how would I be able to import this into HA. I as well have a B series Bosch panel.