Bosch Smart Home Devices

Hi everyone,

I got some “smart home” devices from Bosch in my hands.
Smart Smoke detector / air sensor:

After some research it seems like there is no component allowing to control Bosch devices, yet.

I have found this old thread, but the problem described seems to be based on an old / different protocol.

Both products work in connection with the Bosch Smart App. I guess those products need Bosch servers to work. I have found this page describing some of the code used in the Apps. Do we have any chance to get a home assistant component working with at least the air sensor (I don’t really care for the camera).

Thanks and have a nice weekend!


Hi, you have anything try to get the bosch cam in your HA?
I have now an Ras. Pi B+ and also an Bosch cam for indoor.
Now i want to get it in HA and in HomeKit.