Bosch Smart Home


please don’t be confused Bosch has 2x independent Smart Brands (who is doing their strategy??).

This request is about the brand and products from Bosch “Smart Home Systems”:
This is mostly cloud independent which means all logic is in their central gateway.
The central gateway can speak 868 mhz (Homematic and Homematic IP protocol - but the firmware is blocking original Homematic products), Zigbee and more.

And Bosch “Home Connect” which is for e.g. kitchens and wash mashines from the the Bosch company BSH.

Bosch Smart Home also started to integrate some of the “Home Connect” products.

This component request is for the Bosch Smart Home and there exists already an detailed documented API.

The API is online on guithub:


I have updated the rest-sensor of HA to be able to work with client-certificates. Using this it should be able to read most of the values from the Smart Home Controller.

Once this pull-request is merged we should be able to use it

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Dear Bosch Smart Home Users,

thank you for your interest in our System. In February 2020 the BCX 2020 Bosch IoT Hackathon will take place in Berlin:

We are still looking for participants who are interested in developing an adapter for Home Assistant.

If you have the time and desire to participate, just send me an email and you will get a personal invitation.

Kind regards,

PS: You will find my email address on my GitHub user profile page…


Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on an integration, shouldn’t take too long… would anybody be interested in testing it?

All the best!


Hi Philippe, Clemens, everyone,

I started working on an integration some while ago and finished it in the last weeks.
I separated everything into two components:

  • BoschSHCPy is a python3 package for accessing the Bosch Smart Home Components
  • boschshc-hass makes usage of the BoschSHCPy package and provides the integration into home assistant.

The following SHC components are implemented and tested:

  • SmartHomeController (as a Device)
  • Smart Plug (Switch)
  • Shutter Control (Cover)
  • Shutter Contact (Binary Sensor)
  • Smoke Detector (Binary Sensor)
  • Intrusion Detection Service (Alarm Control Panel)

For updating the state of the components, the long polling mechanism is used.

I would be glad if anybody wants to join for improving it :slight_smile: At least the underlying REST access can be improved to support async access.

The documentation is still very rough, but more experienced HA users should get along with it quite fast I guess.

If you have questions, just get in touch.

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Ah, then we should join forces! My API implementation is here: API as well as on PyPi and the integration is here: Integration.

It looks similar to yours, except I implemented the following services:

  • ValveTappet
  • ShutterContact
  • RoomClimate
  • TemperatureLevel

As you can see, I mainly focused on the thermostat stuff – you probably have the alarm system? Sadly I don’t own any other devices.

There is a lot of work to do to get it into Home Assistant proper:

  • The configuration flow where users just press the button on the SHC and enter the password.
  • Enabling/disabling of entities
  • I8n
  • Documentation for home-assistant homepage
  • Code doc

I am willing to do these because I really want to see this hardware supported OOTB. Are you planning on working on any of these? Otherwise I would just go ahead and merge both libraries into a third one so that most of the devices are supported, do the same with the integrations and then start the “polishing” process.

All the best!


Hi everyone,

good to see that others are working on this too. I also wanted to build an integration but only had the time to do some experiements with the API so far.
I would like to contibutre and make this an OOTB Integration for home-assistant.

I have an Door/Window-Contact and two Radiator-Thermostats connected. Also the Phillips-Hue is linked but I think this is out-of-scope cause it can be conntrolled by hass directly.


I own 1 bosch devices.
You can use me as tester. Just give me a clear instruction. :blush:
I have hassio as VM in VirtualBox.

I really like this idea, and I think from the compontents, we can complement each other quite good.

The alarm system is just implemented as a service, but you need AFAIK at least on smoke detector / twinguard for acustic alarm, as well as shutter contacts or motion sensor as trigger.

At the moment, I’m not doing any work on new features. So I think time is perfect for merging both libraries into a third one, and then let’s continue together making all of this more robust.

Regards, Thomas

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Great! I will see what I can do on the weekend :slight_smile:

I will set up a repo on GitHub and invite everyone who wants as collabs.

Is this a smart dishwasher? That sounds great!

All the best

Yes, it is. :blush:

Will look at gh tonight

Any news here? I need this so much :frowning:

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Hey everyone,
I am relatively new to home assistant, but I am very interested in integrating bosch smart home stuff.
I have 2 eyes outdoor cameras 1 360 indoor cam
and 1 door contact, 1 smoke detector, 1 light control switch, 2 smart plugs, 5+ motion detectors.

As I said I am pretty new to home assistant and I think I would need a little walk thtough to make the integration work, but I would be glad to help and provide feedback or test some stuff.

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I would be glad to help with testing. I own Motion sensors, 2 eyes cameras, 1 360 camera, 1 door contact, 1smoke detecor, 1 twist device, 1 light switch in wall.

I also own some devices (thermostats, window / door contacts, twinguard).
I’m happy to test it :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

I would like test too
I own window contacts and thermostats.

I am also willing to test with a couple of thermostates, cams, smoke detectors etc

i want to test the Bosch Plug-in but i don‘t know how i can install it. Can you Tell me how i install the Plug-in?

I have one “Eyes Camera” from Bosch. Do I get it right that I have to buy the “Bosch Smart-Home Controller” to get it integrated in HA?