Bosch Solution 6000 Security System


Has anyone managed to get a Bosch Solution 6000 security system integrated into Home Assistant?

It doesn’t use the existing Bosch software framework, so existing Bosch integrations don’t work.

It has it’s own mobile app for remote access (at least here in Australia)

Konnected has some uses, so far as I can integrate PIR’s, other sensors and even if the alarm is
tripped, but I would really like to be able to arm/disarm and read the armed state.

This is the last piece of relatively ‘dumb’ smart hardware I have that I just can’t figure out how to integrate and it’s killing me slowly.


I also would like to know if there is a way to do this!

Yes I’ve had my Bosch 6000 system integrated into Home Assistant for 18 months, using a ‘Konnected Alarm Panel 6 Zone Interface Kit’ - it works well. From HA I can remote arm/de-arm the system, see the status of the wired sensors (but not the wireless ones), and get alerts. e.g. advance notification that a sensor has been triggered whilst the system is armed, so the alarm is about to sound.



To arm and disarm, the Konnected’s keyswitch is wired into the same input on the motherboard as the receiver for our physical remotes.

For system status (Armed or Disarmed), I configured one of the (spare) motherboard outputs to ‘Low output when all areas armed’ via the system control panel, and wired that to an input on the Konnected board

Let me know if you have specific questions and I can try to help. The Konnected support team were also very helpful when setting this up, as was my system installer.

Sorry for not seeing this question sooner!

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That is really awesome!

Can you supply diagrams or pics of how you set it up?

I have all my zones, but couldn’t figure out the arm/disarm and system status.

To remote arm/disarm:
My security system has remote controls for remote arming/disarming, so a keyswitch zone was already configured by the installer. (If you don’t have one you’ll need to read the manual - sorry!)

I connected a wire from the Konnected’s output into that same input on the Bosch motherboard as the remote control unit, then in Home Assistant configured the Switchable ouput as:

For alarm status:

  1. Connect a spare output on the Bosch to a spare zone on the Konnected.

  2. At the Bosch keypad, enter your installer code and hit Menu

  3. Press 4 then 1 (or select Outputs > Properties) and configure:

    M410 Output name: [eg Konnected status]
    M411 Event type: 22 Area Part or All On
    M412 Event Assignment: 00 All areas
    M413 Output Polarity: 00 Open to Low

Back in the Konnected intergration, configure the input as a binary sensor (mine is Zone 1)

Then the options:


You should now see the alarm status?


Sorry to take so long to reply, I needed to carve out a few hours to get into my ceiling space where the panel is, plus remember how it all fit together!

Thanks for this mate!

Just finished the install of the 6000 series and your instructions point me in the right direction.

Going to try tonight :+1:

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Thought I would provide some guidance as to how I set up my Bosch 6000 system.

The arming status was just as stokesy said, so I wont elaborate on that.

However, I set up the keyswitch as follows:

  • Find a free zone on your Bosch 6000 - I chose zone 6
  • Connect the Bosch zone 6 input and the common to the relay on the Konnected interface kit (Polarity doesnt matter here). NOTE: You must use a 3k3 resistor between the zone 6 input and the konnected relay otherwise it will not work. (if you are using zones > 8 you need to use 6k8 resistor)
  • Connect the output pin from the Konnect Alarm main board (the one with the wireless chip on it) to the relay trigger on the Konnected interface kit. Check out this video: Konnected Alarm Panel Interface v2 1 install video w/ Ademco VISTA series alarm system & SmartThings - YouTube
  • Configure the Bosch alarm so that Zone 6 is a ‘Keyswitch Zone’ (Menu 311)
  • Configure the Keyswitch options to ‘00 Latching All on/off’ (Menu 341)
  • Turn on ‘Keyswitch Open Close’ (Menu 342)

Hope this helps someone.

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Thanks Bernhard for the info on the keyswitch.

For anyone interested, here’s my automation that prompts the last person who leaves home to arm the system if they’ve forgotten. :slight_smile:

  - id: family_away
    alias: Family away
    - platform: template
      value_template: "{{ states('zone.home') == '0' }}"
    - service: script.alarm_system_arm_prompt

  - id: alarm_system_arm_from_notification
    alias: "Alarm System Arm from Notification"
      - platform: event
        event_type: mobile_app_notification_action
          action: "ARM_AWAY"
      - service: alarm_control_panel.alarm_arm_away
          entity_id: alarm_control_panel.bosch_alarm_panel

    alias: Alarm System Prompt
    icon: mdi:shield-lock-outline
      - condition: state
        entity_id: binary_sensor.alarm_panel_state
        state: 'off'
      - service: >
          {%- if (utcnow() - states.person.name1.last_changed).seconds > (utcnow() - states.person.name2.last_changed).seconds -%}
          {%- else -%}
          {%- endif -%}
          message: "Arm Security System?"
            notification_icon: "mdi:shield-home-outline"
            - action: ARM_AWAY
              title: Turn On

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Nice, yep now I need to start creating the automations to leverage this new functionality.

I hadn’t thought of notifying! I’ll definitely use it :slight_smile:

I was going to do more boring stuff like notifications when Alarm is activated and make sure all the lights + aircon is off when system is armed :smiley:

Speaking of notifications, I configured the Alarm active state to integrate with Konnected + Homeassistant (Just like the Arm Status):

  • Chose to use output 4 on the Bosch mainboard
  • Connected this to zone 3 on the Konnected interface board (I had to sacrifice a motion sensor integration as I only have 6. But I chose the least important one to remove from the Konnected interface board)
  • Configured Event Type for Output 4 on the Bosch alarm with ‘38 Any Zone Alarm’ (Menu 411)
  • Configured Event Assignment for Output 4 to be ‘00 All areas’ (Menu 412)
  • Configured Output Polarity for Output 4 to be ‘00 Open to Low’ (Menu 413)
  • Tuned the Zone 3 on the Konnected interface to trigger on high and low when the alarm goes on/off

Piggybacking the strobe light output works too, to know when the alarm is triggered / sounding. :slight_smile:

Ahh good idea. Then I dont need to use up an output. All 4 are used at the moment and I dont even have an internal siren connected (indoor pets)

So might have found a pretty big security vulnerability with configuring the Konnected device’s relay to turn on and off the alarm system.

Assuming the Bosch is configured to arm when ‘high’ (relay is activated) in the event of a power outage to the Konnected hardware, the system will disarm (if armed via automation). This is because the signal is not ‘high’ any more.

You might think, well just reverse it. Arm on ‘low’. Well this means the system will perpetually arm itself in the event of a power outage.

Has anyone come across this?

A solution could be to arm and disarm using ‘pulses’ rather than ‘latch’.

Unless I have just configured something wrong…let me know haha

I have found a solution, set the KeySwitch options in the Bosch alarm system to ‘05 - Pulse all on/off’ (Menu 341).

Configure the Konnected switch in HA to pulse for 1000ms with an interval of 500ms, but only do one pulse.

This now arms and disarms the system with a pulse, meaning a power outage will not affect the armed state.

The problem now is that this switch is acting more like a button. I tried overriding the device_class in HA config but this didn’t work.

So I put a hacky workaround in place. When the Switch changes state to on (which arms/disarms the system) an automation flicks the switch back to off after 1 second. Therefore the switch is behaving more like a momentary button :slight_smile:

Just wanted to thank you all for the help getting my Bosch 6000 system interfaced with Home Assistant. In the end I re-flashed my ESP8266 NodeMCU board with ESPHome (was using DIY Konnected prior) and re-wrote the YAML for a simple zone mirroring and keyswitch setup. I also have an LM339 circuit per this article : Instructables Alarm PIR to HA, to do the voltage comparison for each zone because I don’t have a Konnected board. I used Output 3 for monitoring state, and a free zone (Z8) for the keyswitch via a separate 8266 controlled relay and it’s working perfectly including the “hacky workaround” for the momentary button :wink:

Thanks again!

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Interesting point on the security issue - in case I’m missing something, if the Konnected is powered by the alarm panel’s power & backup battery), it will die at the same time as the panel, so won’t send anything?

Plus as the alarm panel’s battery lasts hours (and hours) longer than most (my) server UPS’ anyway, Home Assistant will likely be off (dead) long before the Konnected dies!

All of that is to say that we’ve been running the Konnected for two years and had multiple power outages in that time (many when we’ve been home), and it’s never armed/disarmed itself.

Yeah so, if your Konnected gear is powered from the Bosch alarm itself or from a UPS you would mostly be right until those batteries run out. But if the alarm system battery runs out, there is no alarm anyway!

However, if your Konnected is not on a battery backup then it wont be able to hold the signal high and the Bosch will disarm (assuming you have signal high = arm)

Anybody tried this with a shelly Uni?
It’s got two inputs and two outputs, plus an ADC.

I’m going to use the two inputs to detect arm state and siren state(triggered)

And then the two outputs as arm/disarm and lock/unlock door.

Anybody able to help me with how to setup the alarm panel for the door control via a zone?

The ADC will measure the alarm battery voltage.


Yup, I have a Shelly Uni wired up to mine. I’ve so far only used it to detect the armed and triggered states. I have yet to try using the Shelly to set states on the Bosch.

In my case, I asked my installer to program the outputs for me while he was installing the Bosch. It was a few years ago now, but I think I asked him to program one of the outputs to Event Type 23 - Area All On, and another output to Event Type 38 - Any Zone Alarm (Any silent or audible alarm). There are quite a lot of event types to choose from.

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Thanks! Im going to give this a go.
I want the same two events, and I want to be able to arm / disarm, and to control the door state (lock / unlock)

Plus the ADC can monitor the backup battery voltage!

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are you running the shelly firmware ?
I presume you have the inputs set to detached mode?