Bosch Thermostat 2 external reference temperature


I have a Bosch Thermostat 2 (TRV) and a Shelly Plus H&T. Since the TRV is located in a quite narrow niche, the temperature measured by the is much higher than measured by the Shelly.

How can I set the reference temperature of the TRV to the external measured?

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what you can’t do, to my best knowledge, is to use the temperature from the Shelly in the Bosch Controller or with the App for the mobile
What you can do is using automations in Home Assistant to use the temperature from the Shelly and set the target temperature using the “climate.set_temperature” service on the climate-entity for this room

Hi @HarryKane
to my knowledge, I’m afraid the feature requested is not possible. On the TRV, you can only measure the state of temperature and set the target temperature. Overriding the measured temperature with an external source is not possible.
Best, Thomas

That’s not correct. The Bosch TRV has an entity for an external temperature sensor especially for that use case. Checkout my brand new blueprint :nerd_face: