Bosch vs Frient vs Others (ZigBee) smoke detectors


I am looking for a good smoke detector in Europe. I was initially looking a Bosch smoke alarm II. I Then discovered the Frient intelligent smoke alarm.

Has anyone experience with these two? Do they both respect the EU regulations? What is you experience? Would you advise a different model/brand?

Thank you!

I am using Frient smoke alarms at home. They are DIN EN 14604 and DIN 14676 certified.

Installation and integration in Home Assistant was easy.

Good to know thank you! Any false positive in your experience?

No, there have been no false positive alarms so far.

Fortunately, I haven’t had any real alarms either.


I bought a few of the frient alarms and had a different experience. Out of 5 (so far) 3 were starting to fail after a few days. They started beeping every minute and the LED on the back turned solid red - which the support says is an unrecoverable failure and I should send them back.

Also of the remaining 2 one is draining its battery insanely fast. Its running for 2 months now and I already had to replace the battery.

I also have problems pairing them with ZHA (which does not really work, although some sensors show up) and z2m (which pairs, but configuring fails and some sensors are missing) using the ConBee 3.

Very interesting, I was about to buy them, but maybe I wait and research a little bit more!

I was using frient for around around 10 months.

I once had false positive and one of them disconnected after a fall… however about a month ago I had to return one because it was just dead. It was under warranty, so I got a new one but it did happen.

One thing I am really happy width them is… temperature! I had no idea how useful temperature readings can be and I love it! Also… it gives me piece of mind that they are working to see constant updates coming from them. I have CO monitor and updates battery every couple of week… I have no other indicator that it works.