Bosch washing machine intergration dashboard time problem

What am I doing wrong?
The data that I want to see works properly. I only don’t get the time right at the top. I only get a whole row of numbers. Does anyone know what I need to change to get only the time running, right at the top?

title: Wasmachine
type: picture-elements
  width: 50%
  height: 50%
image: local/washer.png
  - type: state-icon
    attribute: remain_time
    entity: switch.wasmachine_power
    icon: mdi:power
      left: 60%
      top: 11.5%
  - type: state-label
    icon: hass:clock
    entitie: run_state
    entity: sensor.wasmachine_remaining_program_time
    platform: numeric_state
      color: white
      font-size: 2em
      top: 12%
      left: 35%
      theme: Eigen
  - type: state-label
    entitie: run_state
    entity: sensor.wasmachine_operation_state
      color: black
      font-size: 2em
      bottom: 10%
      left: 50%

hope someone will help me

thank you in advance