Bose 500 Smart Speaker

Guys, can you please integrate the new Bose 500 Speaker with Home Assistant?

The current integration of previous Bose products does not work.

I am struggling with this too. This applies to Bose Soundbar 500 and Bose Soundbar 700.

It is the (new) family of bose products which seems not to be compatible with the soundtouch integration, see what has already been tried here:

Hope somebody can support to integrate. Funny thing is that it is by design already integrated in Google Home but unfortunately not yet in Home Assistant.

It is not compatible.
The API was supposed to be released in the 2019 and we have March 2020 and still nothing.
Bose, one of the worst supports, I have return mine and got a sonos.

It seems like Bose recently released v1.0 of their Switchboard API which can be used to integrate the following of their products:

  • Bose Home Speaker 300
  • Bose Home Speaker 450
  • Bose Home Speaker 500
  • Bose Soundbar 500
  • Bose Soundbar 700
  • Bose Portable Home Speaker

In order to do so, they published a good API documentation in their developer portal. As I registered there during the beta phase, I don’t know if everyone can access it yet, but since the released version is v1.0, i guess it should be generally available.

I played around with the API to maybe create a component for home-assistant, but sadly they do not offer direct connections to the smart speakers. Instead they utilize their web-api to communicate with the devices. Additionally, they require developers to register their application with them in order to obtain OAuth2 tokens and want to be involved in the registration process if more than 50 users are planned to access the registered application (which should be the case for Home Assistant, i assume :wink: )

To summarize this: From my perspective, there is no way to develop a home assistant component to integrate said devices. Instead this may be a case for Home Assistant Cloud to handle the OAuth Flow + communication?

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Did you have a deeper look into it? Would be great if we can get cast functionalities to our nice speakers :smiley:

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updates anyone?

looking forward for a wifi integration

Im also interested. May have to send back my Bose Smart Bar 300 for a sonos…

anyone got a news to integrate these awesome soundbars?
Anyone have an idea how to replicate the Bluetooth remote at least ? I have searched online it i couldnt find an easy way… any ideas?

Are there any details or maybe even pdfs of the documentation that you can share with us/me? I tried signing up for a dev account but at this point I can only see the Soundtouch API. For the switchboard API it just says “coming soon”… whatever that means. I’m thinking about getting the Bose portable speaker but not being able to connect it to home assistant is definately a deal breaker for me. Thank you in advance!

David, do not bother in getting in bed with Bose. Their customer support sucks and they do not give a dum about their customers.

I bought the Bose 500 and I returned it after several weeks of fighting with bugs and with Bose support which by the way they did not accept or bother investigating.

Get a Sonos Speaker instead with comparable sound(if not better than Bose) which is fully integrated with Home Assistant.
This is my five cents on this.

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Dies anyone have any updates regarding the integrations of such sounbars ?

Wish I knew this before I bought the Home Speaker 300, glad I do know before I bought a second. Will switch to Sonos, ty

One basic workaround I am using to expose the Bose soundbar status in HA is via the Alexa Media player integration. If you enable Alexa in the device and run the AMP custom integration in HA, a media player entity is created that you can then use in a media player status card. It provides volume control and player status.

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I am using AMP and got bose500 media player entity into HA. However, I haven’t be able to play any sound out of it using same syntax I use on my echos. Are you using any specific command ?

Want to bump this. Any chance of getting this?

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There is aparently a PHP-implementation of the switchboard-api here:

All documentation is in german(?) but it could be something useful there if someone wants to have a go.

Any updates?

would be great if there is an update ?

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HI Olen,

I’ll use the API to operate my Bose home 500 by my own software. Please give me a short explanation to use the SymconBoseSwitchboard from GitHub. I’m not familiar with PHP but with C# and ASP.NET.

Kind regards,

Rob de Wit