Bosma Smart Home Integration


This may be a longshot but does anyone have Bosma products? I currently have the Aegis door lock and Sentry doorbell, both of which work great for me and work well together. It would be great if I could integrate it into HA. I’ve searched online and can’t seem to find anything. Their products were released over the last year through crowdfunding, so just wanted to see if anyone in the HA community has their products and have successfully integrated it into HA. I’m not developer, so I have zero knowledge on what developing an integration would entail. Thanks.


I have that lock as well and just went searching for HA compatibility. This stinks that nothing is available. I’ll have to see if they have an API published.

Hopefully more people buy the lock and we get something eventually. Without the skills to do anything about it, one can only hope.

I am also interested in this. It doesn’t appear that Bosma has a developer API as of yet, so we can only hope that this is in the works. One thing I have done is used IFTTT to unlock or lock my door through a web request and then set up scripts in my home assistant with the IFTTT integration to call the services:

alias: front_door_lock
  - service: ifttt.trigger
      event: front_door_lock
mode: single
icon: mdi:lock

This is less than ideal and the latency is frankly really bad, but at least I can add a lock and unlock button to my dashboard. I haven’t found a way to get the current status of the lock so I can’t make a template switch or anything that reflects whether or not the lock is locked/unlocked.

Thanks. Will try this out.

Hi there. I have an Aegis as well. Any updates on HA integration?

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I came here to post that it seems bosma has put up a developer portal and documention. I dont really know how to use it or what to do with it but we do have this now so maybe someone better then me can find use for this. I love the lock its fast, and mostly accurate so this is a great device to localize or at least control from another method

Edit: I dug up FCC filings and it seems the gateway uses a ESP32 C3
and the door lock uses a BK3431Q
So this should be fairly doable if we dump the ESP32’s FW or something or figure out how it talks to the BK over Bluetooth