Both mobiles in the same zone, only one was logged there all the time

The two iPhones are set up identically with different users. They are both device_trackers

Both Eva and I was at the same place at the same time, thus in the same zones at the same time.
Still the history graph shows Eva as in the zone, then “Away” (Borte) and back in the zone at the same time I am reported to be in the zone all the time (as also Eva was, physically).
What could the reasons be for the different zone histories?image

Sometimes it can be helpful with more information regarding an issue.
To me it’s not obvious what type of entities this is or how they was set up.

They are both device_trackers. And if you look closely on the history graph of the two device_trackers the two lines should be identical, as both trackers were in the same spot at the same time.