Botslab r801 video doorbell support

I’m new to smart home and need help with an unsupported doorbell. The doorbell supports google home. Is it possible to add it to Home Assistant using this? Worst case scenario I just want to add the doorbell’s camera. I would be happy if you help.

Hi and welcome.

Is this just a “message in a bottle” or do you have reason to believe this could be supported by HA, e.g. that there is a public API available for 3rd party integration out of that company “I hope it will not die and/or become too expensive” proprietary cloud solution?

I have no experience with smart home. I was thinking that if it can be added to Google Home, it can easily be added to Home Assistant. Looks like I was wrong

Thank you for your reply. I searched for a long time but could not find a compatible integration. I had previously tried things like the brute force attack method to find the RTSP address, but no result. All I have is the IP address of the doorbell.