Bought ODROID N2+ w/ HA preloaded

Have url but continues not responding code 1001.

A bit more details please!

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The ODROID is connected to wiFi Ethernet and has a url address. But refuses to connect. Tried url:8123. And homeassistant.local:8123 but will not connect.

Have you got a monitor hooked up to it?

You can have a look there for the IP address. I would always start with that.

When the OS boots and shows the prompt it has a banner with the IP there.

Otherwise you can try url:4357 or IP:4357 to check is your system running. That is the address of the Observer plugin.

And are you sure that it is connected? When you have the IP is it from the right IP range, like the other devices on your network?

I can see & ping homeassistant on my router with Ethernet connection and says active.

Then try to access it through the IP. Use the Observer port, and give a try with that.
Last resort, hook a screen and a mouse/keyboard to the device and have a look at the console. Check the logs there, status, etc.

If you give some details what you have done and how are you trying to do things, the it is easier to give advices. But with short sentences, like “it is not working”, “not responding”, etc. It is hard to guess what is your problem.

I have no idea what you meant by code 1001 and what url you have? A url? Or something else?