Brainstorming for campervan distribution PCBs

I’m planning to build a campervan in a few years and am now in a brainstorm period :smiley:
To keep the electric installation as clean as possible and a minimum wiring, I was thinking creating distribution boards for the 12V and lighting (WS2815). They will spread around the van, about 5 or 6. I also want to be able to connect some sensors, FET outputs to switch some parts, etc. Would this be possible (and practical) to put in a single ESP32 (on each board), or would it preferable to get another processor for the WS2815 (also an ESP32 or Attiny 85) and communicate between those with I2C?
Downside is I can’t update the lighting patterns OTA with an Attiny. I’m also not sure how two ESP32 will work next to eachother, with WIFI interference.
Any thoughts on this?

Over Xmas we hired a motor home. Nice holiday and now we may buy one and am having similar thoughts.

You may also want to think about other automations, my initial wants:

  1. A weight sensor for gas cylinders so I know when it is low.

  2. Making the water & grey water tanks level meters and house battery etc ha compatible

  3. Retractable starlink satellite dish.

  4. Auto cutoff for usb chargers to regulate charging.

  5. Media for radio/music.

Back to your post, I think an esp32 would handle that, per board. They are quite powerful.

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I did read this guys blog a couple of years ago. Plenty of good ideas.



Yes, I have a lot of ideas to implement, I will try to automate about everything, water system c.q. levels, heating, security, etc.
Will add p.e. USB-C/PD outlets so everything is futureproof.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Brilliant! Will check this out! :grinning: