Brand new to Node Red and can't seem to do the most basic stuff

So, brand new to Node Red, but not HA. I am wanting to figure out geofencing in Node Red. But, gotta start somewhere. I cant seem to make the most basic stuff work. Tried to follow a YT video to just click a timestamp button in NR to toggle a light. I can’t even find the timestamp button. I think the YT video is out of date.

Who are the authors of Videos or tutorials that I should locate? There are hundreds, but I really need to learn the basics.

Thanks Matt

Inject is the timestamp you’re looking for. Node red has little 5 minute videos that are sometimes helpful.

Drzzzz, rob the hookup, and digiblur on youtube have quite a few videos besides these.

Thanks, it is so different that I just could not figure out where to start.