Brand New User - Schlage Sense, Sengled Lights, and reverse Alexa Integration

Hello. Brand new user to Home Assistant. Set up my Raspberry Pi 4 last night and was successfully able to log in and make some basic third party connections with my device. However, I’ve searched the forms, and cannot figure out how to integrate my:

  1. Schlage Sense - It is setup with the wi-fi adapter, and works with my Alexa. It is NOT integrated with Apple Homekit.

2). Sengled Lights - I have the hub and two lightbulbs, but can’t figure out how to add them.

3). If I have a skill on Alexa, can a reverse engineer it so it is a skill in Home Assistant?

I feel like both of these are in the realm of the possible, but I don’t have enough knowledge yet on how to make it happen. I’ve been lurking on these forums for a while, and excited to become a part of the community. Thanks.


Did you find any way to integrate the Schlage sense wifi adapter? This lock is the only item I’ve not been able to find a nice integration for. I’ve seen where people setup the linkage with Alexa, but I’m a Google household so I want to avoid adding Alexa complexity into my home.

Negative. Sorry. I just use the Sengled App for that function.