Bravia TV no longer showing status

I have a Bravia TV whihc is configured in Home Assistant and, while it used to work fine, has suddenly stopped updating in Home Assistant. I’m not sure when it started, but if I remove the device and then add it back in I get correct status information, but it doesn’t seem to come back after the TV is turned off.

I can still turn the TV on, so the MAC address must be stored correctly, but the device reports nothing back, so I’m working under the assumption that the IP address has gone missing.

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Mine is screwed up now too. I did a factory reset and now I can’t get it to show a pin code, so no integration.
Nevermind, it worked this time…???

I’ve removed and reconfigured the integration, but I still can’t see any changes to the TV, no history of it being turned on in the last 3 days, despite Home Assistant being able to turn the thing on when I go to bed.