Breaking down my Vacuum Automation

Here is a write up that breaks down each block of my YAML for my Vacuum automation. If it senses an error, it will do some TTS, Locate the Bot and send MAPs to everyone’s phone. Waits 20 minutes and then does it again until someone helps poor neato.


I guess here is a better place to ask question I asked on YouTube

Nice! Did something similar but never used the event to loop. I like that idea better than the way I’m doin it what stops the event loop?

oops nevermind I see once conditions are meet no more event! Duh :slight_smile:

The trigger and the condition of “error” threw me for a minute. :nerd_face:

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Thanks for the YouTube Comment. I check that one a lot more than this one but glad you figured out the issue. The Event ‘loop’ is a pretty slick technique for these types of Alert automation.

This is really cool. It uses a few HA features that I haven’t played with at all. Where did you define event_type: event_did_someone_help_neato ?I like the idea of the speech engine too, time for more reading

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Hey Dave,
The event is generated at the end of the script to initiate the loop.

    - event: event_did_someone_help_neato