Briggs and Stratton Generator

Not sure if anyone else has one or has the info hub subscription but I built a webscrape integration to pull generator status run time and engine hours.

I don’t believe they have any API to reference but the web scrape has been working fine for some time now.

If your interested happy to share.

Just signed up today for Infohub, would be very interested in your webscraping integration if you’re still willing to share.

I’m ordering an infohub myself, so I would be interested in seeing it, too. Failing that, I’ll write my own and share it.

I’ll post the code on my GitHub tomorrow and send the link.

Just curious where this ended up. In the process of evaluating a stand-by generator purchase and was hoping to get one that allowed for HA integration. Can’t find reference to Briggs&Stratton HA integration on Github. Thanks. Bob

Can you post your code please? I’m interested in trying it out.

I’m also interested in this. Has anyone got it working?