Brightness-Control for a helper (light group) isnt working

Hey guys, can you help me finding the problem?
I have 2 helpers: One for kitchen with Hue Spots and one for dinnertable with IKEA Tradifri bulbs.

For the helper with Hue Spots I can activate the Brightness Control. For the other ones I cant:

Both are configured in the same way and Home Assistant can control the brightness on the helper:

Any idea?

This May sound silly, but do all entities in the group have brightness control?

Yes, they are the same type of bulb and the brightness control of the helper group itself is working fine.

can you post the attribute from Develop Tools for a hue bulb vs IKEA Tradifri bulb?

The issue I’m trying to validate is that the group lights are synced in a way that attributed can be aoolie to all entities

Sure :slight_smile:

The Hue ones have way more parameters…

But I mean… I can control the brightness in Home Assistant, why wouldnt the frontend dont let me do that on that card…

They aren’t working well together as a group because their attributes don’t align well. You should be seeing log errors as well. Brightness isn’t a number, it can include color temp as well.

They are not in one group. I have a group of 3 Hue and another group of 3 IKEA.