Brightness control of dimmer not visible in HA interface but shown in Zigbee2mqqt

Hi all,

I am new here, but long time lerking and been using HA for 4 years now, but ran into an issue recently. Hope you guys can help.

I am using HA with the ZIgbee2Mqqt Add-on which works great.

Recently I added two Zigbee light dimmers to my configuration. The dimmers are from different brands, but both have the same issue for me; Via the Zigbee2Mqqt add-on interface I can control their brightness, but I cannot find out how to control the brightness via the Lovelace interface. Some more details:

  • The ‘device page’ in the HA settings menu also does not show ‘brightness’ as a control option.
  • I can however set the brightness via an Action within an Automation. I cannot use the Brightness as a trigger value in those automations.
  • I also see ‘Brightness’ listed at Developer tools.

My question: How can I make the ‘brightness’ control of a zigbee2mqqt dimmer available in the Lovelace interface and also make it available to ‘read’ in triggers or conditions of automations?

Hope you guys can help. Thanks all!

Post a screenshot of the two light entities as they appear in Developer Tools > States.

As an experiment, go to Developer Tools > Services, select the service to turn on a light, select one of the two problematic light entities, select Brightness Value and then set it to at least 120, finally click Call Service.

Let me know if it sets the light to the chosen brightness level.

Thank you for helping @123 ! Here is the screenshot you requested:

The light goes to the chosen brightness level using the ‘service method’ you describe.

Home Assistant has correctly modeled your Zigbee2MQTT device as a light entity.

The screenshot you posted shows that both light entities have a brightness attribute. Its value is null when the light is off. When on the value can be an integer between 1 and 255.

The light’s brightness is controllable in the Lovelace interface by simply clicking the light’s title which will produce the following interface. The large vertical slider controls the light’s brightness.

If you want to trigger an automation based on the light’s brightness, you can use a Numeric State Trigger like this:

  - platform: numeric_state
    attribute: brightness
    above: 125