Bring back Entity ID to Developer Tools

So earlier this year, at the 2022.3 upgrade, we got Entity ID autocompletion in ymal, which is great. But at the same time you changed from Entity ID to friendly name in Developer Tools/States, which was a complete disaster. I used Developer Tools/States literally all the time. It was really useful to quickly find an entity and copy its id. But it doesn’t work anymore since you changed entity id to the friendly name.

Like if we get auto completion in yaml we don’t need a quick place to find and copy entity ids any more?? There are other places than ymal docs inside of HA where we still need to use entity id’s!! Like when developing python code in a non web based code editor for App Daemon App’s or dashboards with TileBard, I just really to quickly find and copy the ID’s.

Now when I search, I see the ID under the friendly name. After the result has been selected, the entity id is not shown anywhere, not even in the attributes list. So there is no way to copy it. So now i’m literally manually typing entity ID’s instead of copy/pasting when developing

I could of course go to Settings > Devices & Services > Entities > and there search and quickly access the ID… BUT it’s more clicks away from the main dashboard and the actual value of the entity is not shown!! This is very inconvenient for development purposes, since seeing the value is a good indication if you grabbed the right entity or not.

Please bring back Entity ID’s to Developer Tools!! At least give us a setting to choose ID or friendly name.

Totally agree.
Also - to everywhere where it was replaced by Name.

looping WTH Why are all entities named identically and unrecognizable in the UI Helper options in.

entity_id was restored for Dev tools → Set state: