Bring in consistency

HA is extremely great. Developing fast. But… Consistency to the components is lacking quite a lot…

For example.

All cards have title: convention but entity button has name: Understand the principle behind but looks awkward.

Or the long awaited to be gone customize.yaml

Some components let you set the friendly name and icon (example sensors) others just give you friendly name (switches) others call friendly names as names (input_select) others under name understand entity_ids (mqtt) others give you 0 (automations)

Maybe some simple convention would help in this cause and customize.yaml will be gone for good?!

I have personally migrated completely out of using customize.yaml. That file was just a bad habit for poor coding discipline (on everyone’s end).
And I concur… an identifying standard throughout would make life easier.

Not everyone agrees :slight_smile: A template question after 0.81 upgrade

I am definitely not trying to start anything here, I am genuinely interested in the reasons why people have a different view on this.