Brink Flair 325 Heat recovery unit ESPhome modbus integration (~$5)

Thats correct.
The m5stack RS485 base can be connected to 24 VDC without any issues.
It has a A0Z1282CI and 4.5V to 36V operating input voltage range.

Atom + RS485 base connected to Brink Flair:

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How about the tail converter? Has anyone used this one ATOM Tail485 - RS485 Converter for ATOM | m5stack-store

Or would the line transceiver chip be an issue?


It is also suitable for 24VDC (and converts it to 5VDC to the atom).
So i cant find a reason that it shouldn’t work.

However the I2C port on the atom is then used for the power + RS485 communication and not available anymore for an extra I2C sensor, like the ENVIII or ENVIV or SCD40/41, which could be handy on the brink “inlet suction from house” measurements.

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True thanks for the point of view!

I wonder if does have this sensor, but just doesn’t expose it via modbus. I’ve been trying to make sense of how the bypass behaves and my impression so far is that it doesn’t use the “to outside” temperature but rather something slightly higher.

I tried reading the NTC2 sensor at 4082 but that returns 9999 for my Brink Flair 300.

Hi all,
first of all thanks for this integration!!

I tested it on my Flair 400 with an ESP8266.
After some difficulties I got it to work.
I can set the flow value, but I don’t get any values back.

Any idea what this could be?

I inserted the code from the first Post.

Btw: I tried to import the GitHub - fonske/Brink-flair-modbus: Modbus RTU communication with Brink Flair to use in home assistant / esphome project.
Can anyone help me with the folder structure? How can I import this to ESPHome?
Or do you know a good instruction/video for this kind of folder import?

Thanks in advance!!!