Brink Renovent Sky controls via rf?

Hi all, I’ve got a Brink Renovent Sky (wtw/hru) in my home that I’d like to control in home assistant. I’ve got a dedicated wireless button that I put in my bathroom to control it. It has 4 buttons on it.

My Brink has a rf receiver connected that catches the signals from the button. I was hoping I could replicate those signals and send them from home assistant. But I can’t find anyone doing it like that. I also can’t find the frequency they’re using. Anyone knows more about that?

This is the link of the receiver that mine came with: RF-ontvanger/zender (set) 4 standen met filterindicatie -

It has this on the top on a sticker: rf receiver 510519

I’ve got a rflink laying around but am not able to find any data with that. But it might also be my lack of knowledge in that regard.

Or should I go another route to achieve this? I would like to automatically turn on the fan higher when the shower turns on, and off when the humidity is below a certain point again.


Hey Gerben,

Did you ever got this working ?
Exactly what I am trying to accomplish and google let me to your question.


Hi, unfortunately not. Do you also have the rf module and a remote? I would imagine we should be able to use that to clone it. But I couldn’t catch any signals via rflink. I’m not sure which frequency is used.

Yes got the same setup. A box on top of the WTW with 510519 RF reciever and 4 button RF Sender in the bathroom.

I also have a wired switch in the living room with 3 options. Low - mid - high.
Read somewhere SONOFF DUALR3 could be used to replace this one and then a 3-button wireless switch to control it from the living room.

Would be way easier to replicate RF signal from HA, just no idea how.

Hey Gerben, just came across this post again, did you ever manage to get this working ?

Nope! I heard that some people in the appartment building have got it working with a zigbee relay, but I haven’t heard back from them yet how exactly it works.

Yeah shelly 2.5 should be able to, found some forum posts about this. Ordered one to try and ordered another RF repeater with a broader spectrum of HZ to see if that can replicate the signal. Hope one of those options will work.

Cool, let me know if you figure it out!

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The RF copier did not work, unfortunately. I found out another option, there is an EBUS connector on top of the brink and ordered a ESP wifi module. It reads the data over MQTT and at this point I am able to read data, filter status, temp, fan speed etc. Currently trying to figure out how to write data to it to change the speed fan. Dont have any MQTT experience prior to this so hope I can figure this out.

That’s cool! Can you link me to the module you bought? Maybe I can have a look as well. Do you have a photo of the connector? I’ll have to look for mine.

I got this eBus module. and used ebusd integration. with MQTT to read data. I needed to define custom .csv with all brink options. Read data is showing up, just struggle with the MQTT format to send it commands.

The connector on the brink is a green box with 2 wires. near where the RF connector is.

I managed to got it working, I found someone on github who could help me with the config. I was trying to send MQTT payloads directly from an automation. But I needed to add MQTT as a Fan config in the configuration.yaml and after a bit of tweaking in the automations I got it working as intented. If the humidity sensor in bathroom goes above 60% it goes to speed 3 (100%) and dropping below 60% again it will return to speed 1 (33%). Going to add more sensors from living room and sleeping room to use as triggers control the WTW unit.

If you are going to buy an ebus adaptor I can tell you the exact config I used in HA.

Super cool, well done. Are you using the same unit as I am? I’m gathering the hardware and am wondering if the big green connector can be used as it looks different.

This is how the underside of my WTW looks like.

It’s a bit different. I have Brink Renovent (no sky) I think it has to do with the way it’s mounted. Looks like yours is a ceiling unit ? Mine is mounted against the wall.

But… You should have an eBus too:

Looks like it’s this one, but there is already something wired up ?

We kunnen overigens ook in het NL verder praten maar wellicht helpen we meer mensen als we bij engels blijven. :wink:

Brink Renovent Sky has the external controller with display connected over eBUS. You can connect multiple devices on ebus and polarity does not matter (at least with this adapter) so you can safely add your adapter in parallel with the display. For reading values this is fine (I just got it to work), for controlling the unit it will be “fighting” over control of the unit with the display, but it should be possible to get it to work (but I am not there yet).