British Gas Smart Meters

Has anyone integrated data from British Gas smart meters into HASS? There isn’t an API, but it’s available on their website & via the app, so I’d assume that it can be scraped (or the app API calls reverse-engineered)

I wish there were a smart meter here in the UK that could be integrated into HA. It would almost make me switch regardless of their rates :stuck_out_tongue:

No, but there is a project on GitHub that looks like someone is trying to get the data using Python;

I think that the issue is that the DCC and Energy provider don’t want to share raw data with the the energy consumer.
Its a control thing.
IMO better to wait until the SMETs2 meters are installed (later this year, next year) as they are cross-supplier compatible.
It wont help improve data access though I would assume.

Did you try this ?

I am not sure on how to use the python script.

Nope. The last update was two years ago and with no instructions it didn’t incline me to try.

What sort of data would you like out of it and displayed in home assistant?
I have a brief look at this and as long as I can get the initial authentication sorted then this looks reasonably doable as a compontent of HA.
I have not foins and data for current day, but historic data from previous day on a granular level of daily and monthly are quit possible

All the data from the smart meter basically.

Because at the moment is not working for me at all.

Ok, well unfortunately this does not look possible from the data I have seen in available from this route. So far the most recent data I have been able to see is previous day cost electric, previous day cost gas, and then the same for actual amount used. But I have not been able to get any more granular or up to date. Sorry


I would be really interested in that data, it is always better to have something that nothing at all.

I got a bit stuck on the authentication, but I can try and take another look.

What sort of sensors could be good to add?

I might be able to do some of the following, but not sure if it would be good to spam all of them to an HA instance

  • Total Cost yesterday
  • Total consumption yesterday
  • Total Cost this week to date
  • Total cost last week
  • Total cost this month to date
  • Total cost last month


Thanks for the reply, those below seem like a sensible suggestion to me. Do you think its possible to cover both Gas and Electric?

I’d love to help out in anyway I can, I am not a developer though, but happy to help you with any testing etc.

The BG app and website is horrendously slow as you know when trying to login, it drives me MAD :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the reply.



Yes both Gas and Electric is possible, so for each of the suggested sensors I mentioned there would be one for Gas and one for Electric if both services from British Gas.

If I am able to get passed the authentication then I should be able put something in a custom component file you could test.

Fantastic, best of luck with the authentication. Happy to help out if you get past it.

Arent those smart meters compatible with Zigbee protocol?

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For anyone without a smart meter, you can get a Loop Energy Monitoring kit. It works with most (all…?) dumb mechanical meters (ones without an LCD).

In theory, it would work for smart electricity meters too actually? as it just clips onto the main power line coming from the meter. The gas one definitely wouldn’t though…
There is already a component for HA as well and it works well enough for me.

Did anyone have any luck with this?

is this project still alive? as I would like to link my British Gas into HA

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Worth checking out the other conversations on Hilderbrand Glow HID. Set up a Bright account allows you to access the DCC data and the HID provides real time data MQTT). However from memory this is SMETS 2 meters. I have real time and electricity and gas usuage. There was also an article in PCPro

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